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School club

Welcome to our school

The purpose of the school club is to provide a daytime opportunity for parents to be informed about school developments and participate in decisions as well as to raise funds for the school. Our activities also provide an opportunity to meet other parents.

School club meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 9.30am in the library. Everyone is welcome, and feel free to bring your babies and toddlers. The meeting concludes by 11.00am followed by the cake day stall.


Beyond the weekly newsletter

Mr Nash or his delegate attends each meeting to give a report on events and new initiatives. Guest speakers are often invited, including teachers who speak on topics such as special programs or changes in the curriculum. Every session provides an opportunity to ask questions.


In the past few years school club has made significant donations to the school which have been used to establish the home reading scheme and rejuvenate maths and science resources, as well as purchase many items for the library, Italian and learning difficulties programs. This year we have purchased an electronic whiteboard, funded the new lights under the COLA and created the ‘Welcome Courtyard' at the office.

The money has been raised through activities such as:

Cake Day 

Once each year, your child's class is asked to supply cakes for cake day. The whole school enjoys cake day once per month where each piece is sold for 20 cents.


Easter and christmas raffles have become something of a tradition.

General Fundraising

Some examples in the past have been pie drives, christmas cake orders, and the spellathon/searchathon.

Book Clubs

An opportunity to purchase good quality books, videos and software at reasonable prices. The school receives bonus points from the total of our orders. These points are used to purchase books or other items for use in the classrooms. This is worth approximately $1500.00 each year to the school.

You can help now by participating in the following programs.


Each card worth $2 to the school!

Whenever you purchase shoes from this outlet (there's one at Westfield, Miranda), ask for your school support scheme card (this is in addition to the card they hand out for the "1 pair free for 6 offer" which they advertise widely). The cards can be placed in the School Club box at the office.

Rebel Sport

Member value program

With a MVP card you are entitled to 5% discount of full purchase price and 5% goes towards credit to OWPS. Once credit limit reaches $750.00, OWPS is entitled to purchase equipment or rollover into next quarter. The MVP card is available at any Rebel store.

Services to students

Mother's day & father's day stalls 

An opportunity for children to purchase a surprise for mum and dad.


 We provide ice blocks at the end of year school picnics and drinks at the school discos. School Club also helps fund the year 6 farewell dinner and dance.