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23 Oct 2019


Being a part of a school band is a wonderful experience for children. It not only helps them learn to play an instrument, but teaches them great teamwork, raises their confidence in performing in front of people and enhances their appreciation of a whole range of different music.

The band program at Oatley West Public School is run by Music Council, a volunteer sub-committee of the Oatley West P&C. It is the parents of the children in the band program who manage the day-to-day running of the band, led by the Music Council President/s and Band Director. Parents are expected to support their child in the band by helping with the running of the band.  All members of Music Council are volunteers.


Training Band Co-ordinator

One of the most important roles for 2020 is the Training Band Co-ordinator and without it there will not be a Training Band for 2020.

The new training band requires 1 or 2 parents to take on the role of Training Band Co-ordinator.  This person is responsible for the daily running of Training Band, including communication with parents and organising the roster for parents to supervise band rehearsals. No experience is necessary, just good organisational skills! All help, support and documentation will be provided by other Music Council members.


Joining the Training Band

Parents need to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) Form (attached to this package) for their child to join Training Band. Applications close on Friday 1st November. Please put EOI forms in the Band Letterbox opposite the school office (or hand in at information evening).


On the EOI form, please nominate up to three instruments your child would like to play, although we understand that some children may be very particular about their choice of instrument and may only want to nominate one or two – that’s fine!  The Band Director, Mr Peter Sampson, will meet all children wishing to join Training Band to assess their suitability for their chosen instrument. To maintain the sound balance of the band we have a limited number of instruments of each type and some children (in consultation with their parents) may be offered an instrument that is not their first choice. Hopefully, most children will receive their first choice of instrument.


Mr Sampson will meet the interested children in the school hall in November and you’ll be notified by email of the day and time. The purpose is to make sure your child’s chosen instrument is suitable for your child. For children interested in Drums/Percussion, Mr Sampson will perform rhythm tests to assess your child and select the 3 best children. Please be assured that there is no prior music learning required to join Training Band. All children may join. It is really just a chance for the children to meet Mr Sampson and take a closer look at the instruments.


Parents will be notified by email of their child’s instrument allocation and asked to select an option for acquisition of their instrument, either:


·       Purchase a new instrument through Music Council (see pg 3);

·       Hire of Music Council-owned instruments (restricted to Euphonium); or

·       Use of student’s own instrument.

Training Band 2020 is expected to commence in about Week 3 of Term 1, 2020.


Key dates in Term 4, 2019 for Training Band 2020

Wednesday 23rd October     

Year 2 attend an Instrument Demonstration Session

Wednesday 30th October      

Training Band Information Night for parents in school hall at 7.00pm

Friday 1st November               

Closing date for Expression of Interest forms

Wednesday 20th November   

Current Training Band performs at Values Leaf Assembly

Weeks 4, 5 & 6                         

Interested students meet Band Director, Mr Sampson

Week 7                                     

Letter to parents offering a place in Training Band with instrument  allocation

Week 8                                   

Final date for return of acceptance forms and for buying a new instrument through Music Council

Week 9                                   

If possible, hand out new instruments bought through Music Council


Requirements for Band Members

Being a part of the band involves a number of commitments which you must consider before joining the band.

  • Currently Training Band has two rehearsals each week before school from 8.45-9.15am (arrive at 8.35am to set up and finish after pack-up at 9.25am) on Mondays and Wednesdays in the school hall. For the first few weeks Training Band will be split into separate instrument groups for rehearsals. Later in Term 1, Training Band will come together and begin rehearsing as a group.
  • Your child must have weekly private lessons on their band instrument.  A list of tutors and contact numbers will be provided. Fees for private lessons vary, but generally will be $25-$35 per half hour. 
  • Band fees are invoiced each semester (2 terms) and are currently $120 per semester.  These are payable by all members of the Training Band. Band fees must be paid on time – failure to pay will lead to review of your child’s inclusion in the band program. Instrument fees may also be applicable. 
  • All band rehearsals require parent supervision and parents will be asked to nominate dates they are available to supervise band. Parent supervision is a mandatory requirement of children participating in band. All parents must assist with supervision of rehearsals. 
  • After a year in Training Band, all children progress to the Intermediate Band which currently rehearses on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8.00-8.40am. Entry into Concert Band is by audition. Concert Band currently rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.00-9.00am.
  • As children progress from Training Band to Intermediate Band and then to Concert Band, they will participate in various performances and play outs, often at locations away from school and sometimes on weekends.  Being part of the band means children are expected to attend play outs, whether on weekends or at night. Parents will also be required to help with band play outs, such as transporting instruments, supervising children and set up / pack down afterwards.

Buying a New Instrument

The Music Council will negotiate a special deal for the bulk purchase of instruments, buying the instruments at a discount to retail pricing. Music Council will pass this pricing onto parents wishing to purchase a new, quality Yamaha instrument. Full payment for the instrument must be made before the student receives the instrument.

Indicative pricing is below; final pricing will be provided with your acceptance letter:


Flute                           Yamaha YFL 222ID                                     $649

Clarinet                      Yamaha YCL 255ID                                     $639               

Trumpet                     Yamaha YTR 2330 (Gold lacquer)            $569               

Trombone                  Yamaha YSL154 (Gold lacquer)                 $979   

Saxophone                Yamaha YAS 26 (no high F# & wooden case)      $1,250

Saxophone                Yamaha YAS 280 (with high F#)                            $1,495

All prices include GST and are subject to change. All instruments are covered by a two-year manufacturers’ warranty. We will advise of any changes to this pricing.

Parents will be responsible for servicing, repairing and maintaining the instruments.

Percussion Instruments

Students selected to play percussion will need to organise their own drum kit or glockenspiel or keyboard. These students may use the Music Council instruments at school for rehearsals. There are no rental fees charged for students playing percussion, glockenspiel or keyboard.

Hire only instruments

Other instruments in the band may be hired through Music Council for the duration of your child’s involvement with band. These hire-only instruments are the larger, more expensive instruments such as euphonium, tuba, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, and bass clarinet.

Rental fees per semester for hire-only instruments are:

Euphonium                $80

If you have any questions, please contact:


Kylie Archer              kylie@kidgredients.com.au           0425631007

Music Council



Please return completed form to the band letterbox opposite the office by Friday 1st November 2019

Child’s Name: ________________________________ Class ________ Age________

Do you already own an instrument which you could play in the band? _____________

Which instrument?_________________________________

Are you learning an instrument?_____ Which one? ______________

For how long?_____

Which Instrument would you prefer to play in the band?

Flute                Clarinet           Trumpet

Trombone        Euphonium      Saxophone

Drums/percussion    Glockenspiel     Keyboard

Violin              Viola               Cello    Oboe

1st choice_______________________

2nd choice_______________________

3rd choice_______________________

If you are not offered ANY of your choices would you consider accepting

a different instrument? _______________

There are only a limited number of places available for each instrument type. The allocation of these will be at the discretion of the Band Director.

Parent/Guardian please sign this section.

I give permission for my child named above to join Training Band.

Signature _________________________ 

Print Name __________________________

Home phone number __________________   

Mobile ________________________

Email address_______________________________________________

For Band Director’s use


Ear Test:        1          A._______     B. ____________    C._____________

                        2          A._______     B. ____________    C._____________

                        3          A._______     B. ____________    C._____________

                        4          A._______     B. ____________    C._____________ Total Ear _____


Singing: (If required) Intonation :_________ Rhythm __________

Rhythm:        1 (4/4) ________      2(4/4) __________

                        3 (3/4) _________    4 (6/8) __________ Total Rhythm __________

TOTAL SCORE             ________