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Science and technology

Science and technology is mandatory for all students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

In science and technology, students explore the natural and made worlds. They learn how to apply scientific and technological skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of contexts.

Science provides a way of inquiring about the world around us. It explores evidence and investigates ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real world problems. The inquiry and skill-based nature of science opens doors to ideas and discoveries.

Sea theme

Clown Fish Coral Reef Game - The clown fish wants you to learn about his environment so you can help him and the reef.

The Coral Reef Adventure Fun Zone - Variety of interactive games about the coral reef habitat.

Reef Check Game - See how good you are at spotting and naming the coral reef creatures!

Nature / Our World

National Geographic - Click on Kids tab at the top of the page. Provides a variety of games and activities, photos and videos about our natural world.