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The Hopscotch Cafe - Our Canteen

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about our canteen.

When Is It Open?

Hopscotch cafe is open Monday - Friday whenever it is a school day and your children come to school. If it has to be closed, a notification will be sent via the newsletter and Skoolbag app.

Lunch orders can be ordered by writing your child's name, class and order on a paper bag and putting it in the  classroom lunch order basket in the morning. You can also order online with Flexischools. There is a link for this on the school website under Parent Information. Look for The Hopscotch Cafe tab.

What Does It Sell?

You will receive a menu at the beginning of the school year and then at the beginning of Term 2 and then Term 4 with the change of Summer and Winter menus. Please keep this on hand so you know what the specials are for the day. All the meals are cooked in the canteen and only the freshest ingredients are used. Foods such as Oatley Village pies, homemade sausage rolls and chicken burgers are on the full time menu, whereas foods such as spaghetti bolognaise and fried rice, chicken subs and BLTs have been part of the Winter menu. Lebanese wraps, pizza and burger day are all prepared here in the canteen and are on the Summer menu.

How Can My Child Buy Food?

Children can buy over the counter foods such as pretzels, rice crackers, popcorn, fresh fruit and vegetables, slushies and hot chocolate (in Winter) at recess and lunch. Hot food and sandwiches or salads for lunch must be ordered. This can be done by writing your child's name, class and what they would like for lunch on a paper bag. Have your child then place it in the lunch pencil case that is in the classroom with the money in the bag. Alternatively, you can order online. All orders will then be prepared. They will be collected from the canteen in a basket and brought back to the classroom for distribution to the children. You can order drinks (except slushies). Lunch orders are stamped with a "to be collected" stamp. The students receive their drinks over the counter as soon as they receive their food. You can pay for the drink with the rest of the order. Please note slushies are over the counter ONLY.