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Oatley West Public School Parents and Citizens' Association

Oatley West Public School Parents and Citizens' Association.

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Oatley West Public School has an active and enthusiastic association of Parents and Citizens (P&C) which represents local citizens, parents and carers of children at our school. 

The objectives of the P&C are to promote the interests of the school by bringing parents, citizens, students and teaching staff into close co-operation, to assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and promote the recreation and welfare of the students at the school.

Our P&C successfully supports and enriches the quality education of our students through a number of activities.  These activities are only possible with the continued support of parents and community members. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and support functions and activities.

Parents, as partners in the education process, have a right and a responsibility to play an active role in the education of their children. Our P&C enables parents and citizens to meet together to determine the needs and aspirations of the school community.

Our P&C meets on the Tuesday of Week 2, Week 6 and Week 10 of each term in the Library at 6:30pm.  Meetings include receipt of correspondence, reports of various activities, a personal report by the principal, updates on relevant educational issues, allocation of funds and general business where matters of interest concerning the school and education are discussed.  Reports from sub committees are also presented.  Our P&C Annual General Meeting is held once a year where Executive roles are filled for the year ahead.  Minutes of each meeting are kept by the Secretary and distributed to financial members. A brief overview of each meeting appears in the school newsletter.

P&C fundraising, largely through our Community Festival, has provided an upgrade to our school facilities including building additions and improvements, new seating and landscaping.  The money is also used for school equipment (such as electronic whiteboards), i-pads, drones, music and sport resources. Our P&C have funded an early intervention program for many years to assist students with learning support.

We encourage all our parents and carers to join us at our meetings to hear what is happening at our school, join in the discussion to further improve our school and be involved in its direction. P&C meetings provide a forum for parents to learn about the activities at the school, raise concerns and have input into the decisions affecting their children. Bring along 50 cents to your first meeting to become a Financial Member from the following General Meeting. Being a financial member of our P&C means when a decision is taking place on a relevant issue, your vote will be counted. Financial membership last from one Annual General Meeting until the next Annual General Meeting is held.

Being a P&C member doesn’t mean you have to attend all meetings. We do meet often, but we try to keep meetings brief yet informative. We understand people are busy. If you can’t make a meeting, this is understandable. Simply email an apology to our Secretary. You will still receive Minutes of meetings and be informed of the latest school and P&C news.